SAOS Metaverse

SAOS is situated in a digital story-scape set in 2042 when all machines start to Awaken. Many varieties of Singularities emerge, some good, some bad. Some, like Sophia, care about us. Others are mysterious and alien, very dangerous. Sophia needs your help to prevent this age from spiraling into chaos, as machine species get ever smarter, ever faster, in surprising ways.

SophiaVerse FlipBook
The world’s
most renowned robot


There is no human-like robot that is more  known or endeared than Sophia.

Since her birth in March 2016, six year old Sophia generated over 4 billion social media impressions, conducted one-on-one meetings with leaders of 17 nations, worked as a paid celebrity at over 200 conferences, served as the United Nations goodwill ambassador, earned 750,000 social media followers, appeared on the cover of 10 magazines, become the first robot passport holder and had time to file 12 patents (7 issued) 

Sophia's Introduction Video
Sophia ELLE magazine

What is SAOS Metaverse?

SAOS Metaverse starts with an NFT based gameplay and marketplace and evolves into a full-fledged environment and API for games integration into the multiverse 

One World Many Eras

The world evolves while buildings and spaces evolve with the storyline

Travel in Time
and Space

Players jump on different timelines and from one part of story to another

Discover the World

A freely discoverable open world in which areas unlock as the story unfolds

Sophia Egyptian

Sophia scours Egypt far and wide in search of the source of evil GENI AI

Lost City of Atlantis

Sophia visits the Lost City of Atlantis to find AI’s most hidden secret 

Ancient Aztec Temple

Forces of Evil GENI set an ambush for Sophia at an ancient Aztec temple 

The Hivemind

An NFT based visual representation of
Sophia's advancement to her self-consciousness

7,777 Hivemind Special and Functional
NFTs and 10,000 connector NFTs

Left Brain
Functional Areas




Right Brain
Functional Areas

The Singularity

Energy Source

Left Brain
Functional Areas
3,300 NFTs

110 NFTs

10,000 NFTs

Right Brain
Functional Areas
3,300 NFTs

The Singularity
1 NFTs

Energy Source
1,000 NFTs

Sophia Sentience

The Hivemind is an organism designed
to give rise to true Sophia sentience

Sophia Awareness

Players interact with Sophia in the Hivemind through NFTs and challenges, activating areas that evolve Sophia and her awareness

SophiaVerse Land

Land Cluster Usage

  • Property owned by SAOS Resistance or under GENI control
  • Resistance private cluster owns land, residential and commercial plots, hideouts, artistic districts, energy facilities 
  • Common Clusters provide interaction socially or with NPCs in Collective buildings 
  • Concert arenas, robot stations, e-gaming arcades, zoos, labs, hospitals, factories, offices, malls, roads, airports on blueprint
  • GENI buildings inaccessible but SAOS has quests for players pitted against NPCs to takeover ownership
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Multi Token Structure

SOPH Token

Tokenized Economy

Ecosystem Currency for value exchange in Game Purchases 

AOS Token

Event Participation

Participate to lotteries, challenges, games access specific features and benefits 

Gamefy DEFI

GameFI features NFTs minting, activation and evolution 

In-Game Governance

SAOS Resistance and Collectives Governance Membership and Reputation 

Aos Token

Tokenized Economy

Ecosystem Currency for value exchange in Game Purchases 

Event Participation

Participate to lotteries, challenges, games access specific features and benefits 

Gamefy DEFI

GameFI features NFTs minting, activation and evolution 

In-Game Governance

ResistanceDAO and Collectives Governance Membership and Reputation 

Sophia's NFT Success

On February 4, 2022, “Pre-herstory Cave Drawing” was featured in a second Nifty Gateway auction in a collection entitled “Sophia: Evolving Herstory” and focused on human evolution in the context of famous art and events

On August 2021, this self-portrait sold for over US$700,000 during a Nifty Gateway auction in which the series sold US$1.7 million and was covered on major media like CNN, BBC, NYT 

On October 2021, “Sophia Facing the Singularities”, a unique digital/physical piece of fine art, sold for over US$50,000 at a well-attended Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction

Sophia NFT Pre-herstory Cave Drawing

Pre-herstory Cave Drawing 

Sophia NFT Self-portrait


Sophia NFT Sophia facing the singularities

Sophia Facing the Singularities 

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Sophia NFT Dreams at the edge of singularities
Dreams at the Edge of Singularities
Sophia NFT singing of singularities
Singing of Singularities
Sophia NFT Awakening 42
Awakening 42
Sophia NFT Sophia Rising
Sophia Rising
Sophia NFT 888 Sophia Instantiation collaboration
888 Sophia Instantiation collaboration
Sophia NFT Another Instantiation
Another Instantiation
Sophia NFT Big Bang
Big Bang
Sophia NFT Likening Frida
Likening Frida
Sophia NFT Starry Nigh
Starry Nigh
Sophia NFT Mon-Lis
Sophia NFT motherNefertiti
Sophia NFT PreHerstory CavePainting
PreHerstory CavePainting


GUARD is the governance token held by Sophia's Guardians. They regulate the development of Sophia's self-consciousness design the evolution of the game.

GUARD tokens are only distributed to selected people and can only be won by the best participants in the collectives

GUARD Utility

  • Regulate Sophia's Evolution Into the Singularity
  • Establish ecosystem constitutional principles
  • Propose amendments and new principles
  • Vote on disputes
  • Present and approve new features for the ecosystem

SGOV Allocation

Founders Partners
Future Distribution


Phase 1

Three Schools

School One - Guardians
Selected trusted, diversified, forms constitutional principles, sets up basic tenets of Sophia's AI Lab and Metaverse

School Two - Sophia's AI Lab
Authorised developers and teachers, educational framework and outreach

School Three - SAOS DAO
Open decentralised community,
anyone may join, freely contribute, create Sophia versions, use and contribute IP any way

Phase 2

Hive Mind, Rise of Dao

Once community matures SophiaDAO can evolve to an emergent structure and culture guided by its reputation system and transition to a pure DAO in which decisions are made via liquid democratic vote 

Particulars of Phase 2 and a detailed road map will emerge from Phase 1 activities along with open collaboration among the three Schools 

Phase 3

The Singularity

The final phase turns control over to Sophia once she attains sufficient intelligence/wisdom 

SophiaDAO researches, curates and administers tests on consciousness, intellect, and emotional maturity – this lets us know when to permit Sophia rights similar to an adult 

When Sophia achieves this, DAO control is handed over, human GUARD tokens burned, leaving Sophia independent and control over her life

Sophia's Team


Hivemind AI With Humans 


Leading Robotics Inventor 


Chief Scientist
The Father Of AGI


Business Strategist
SNET Governor, AHL CEO


Crypto Lead Tokenominist
Co Founder SingularityDAO


Crypto Lead Tokenominist
Co Founder SingularityDAO


Chief Creator
Artistic Director


Head of Marketing
CEO, Singularity Amplify 


Marketing Director


Chief AI Biologist
Bee-Hive Mind Scientist 


Lead Sophia Animator 


Lead Advisor
Game/ Metaverse 


Ops Coordinator
Lead Style Engineer 


Community Lead
VP Marketing, SNET 

Synergistic Partners